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Recover data from stratched discs
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Key features
Recover data from stratched and damaged CD/DVD Recover data from scratched and
damaged CD/DVD
Recover from incorrectly burned CD/DVD Recover
from incorrectly
burned CD/DVD
Recover from incorrectly burned CD/DVD Support of discs
from DVD video
Recover from incorrectly burned CD/DVD Retrieve data from all sessions on multi-
session discs
Recover from incorrectly burned CD/DVD Support of ISO and
UDF file systems
Merge partial data
recovered in different
Version 2.0

Blu Ray media support

Recover Disc now supports all Blu Ray media including BD-R and BD-RE single and double layer discs.

Extended file search in unreferenced areas of the disc

There are certain cases when you can not find your lost files after reading the table of contents. This can be because the file system information is fully or partially unreadable due to physical defects on the disc surface, or because the disc has been quick formatted or partially rewritten. In all those cases it can contain old files located in the unreferenced area of its surface. Recover Disc can search through that area and detect files basing on their content.

Ability to extract raw sector by sector data

You can extract raw data from the disc and save it to a file. You can specify any sector of the disc to start with and any end sector.

Version 1.0

Recovers data from scratched and damaged CD/DVD/Blu Ray

Damaged discs usually become fully or partially unreadable by regular software. In this case Recover Disc can be used to extract the intact portion of the data and try to recover all problem areas. It lets you browse the content of the disc and select files that you need to rescue. Alternatively it can save an image of the whole damaged disc or a specified range of sectors from it.

Recovers data from incorrectly burned media

Sometimes disc can appear to be unreadable because of problems that took place during the burning process. The logical structure of such disc can be incorrect preventing regular software and devices from reading its content fully or partially. However, physically the disc can contain the data. Such data (for example, video and audio streams) can be extracted with Recover Disc.

Supports discs burned with DVD video cameras and DVD recorders

Recover Disc can work with DVD media created by video cameras, DVD recorders and other standalone devices. It can help in case the disc was damaged after burning, or burned incorrectly because of technical problems with the writing device.

Retrieves data from all sessions on multi-session discs

If there are several versions of a file in different sessions on a disc, the program lets you choose which version to extract. It also has an Expert View mode to browse full disc structure with all tracks and sessions. This way you can browse the content of each session separately.

Supports ISO and UDF file systems

Recover Disc supports any CD, DVD and Blu Ray discs containing ISO and/or UDF file systems. UDF system is often used on discs created with “drag and drop” software that allows you to work with the disc as with usual drive, i.e. copy and change files on the fly. When Recover Disc detects several file systems on the same disc, it selects one automatically. If the information about disc content is partially lost in each file system, the program can merge the remaining data to find as much files as possible.

Can merge partial data recovered in different environments

If a disc appears to be fully or partially unreadable on your computer, you can try to read it on another system or with a different CD/DVD reading device. When you extract a file with Recover Disc and some problem areas can not be properly read, the corresponding places in the file are left blank. When you later try to extract same file, the program will read only the part that has not been extracted before and will merge it with the previously extracted data. This will also work if you need to save an image of the full disc or a track.
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